Microvision by mynameistran


it actually wasnt bad??? it was extremely intense and loud and i was going through sensory overload but i wasnt afraid or anything. it actually rocked and i lost my sense of Self and Separateness, like all of “my” particles were just existing alongside the other particles in the universe and werent their own unit if that makes any sense. next time i think i will take the whole tab at once to see if i can achieve that or even something greater ahh cosmiclawnmower


dude it was so intense. so i spent the first third of the trip totally nonverbal/crying/shaking/laughing/holding onto a friend for dear life/actually trying to scratch my own face off and i had absolutely NO idea what was going on. then i got accustomed to it and started yakking constantly and doing all of these seinfeld-inspired comedy routines involving my socks and shoes?? after i took the second half tab i was able to chill out and just enjoy myself without any meltdowns or terrible jokes but oh my god i was up till 9 am cosmiclawnmower

no but look at my pupils. they are large and in charge

also i forgot to tell you all but i dropped acid on thursday and channeled jerry seinfeld and also tried to get naked

its christian’s bday this saturday and i think im gonna get him seasons 1 and 2 of the mighty boosh and maybe some records?? i might paint him something too im VERY EXCITED I LOVE GIVING PRESENTS